Culture of Giving


Give our salaries

Grow His Kingdom

Blur the line between business and ministry


“We are a Service Company”: There are hundreds of companies that write software, what makes us better is how we service our customers and maintain the relationship between us.

“Attitude of Simple”: We believe you need both efficiency and effectiveness in software to be successful. So with that mindset we implement fast clicks, simple to use screens and connected data. We continually ask, “How can this be simpler, faster, easier?”

“Communicate!”: The key to a successful project is recognizing what questions to ask, and asking them.

“Hire the best people”: We hire the person not the position. We are diligent to match any hire with our culture. We then teach them the rest.

“Manufacturing Bend”: We hire manufacturing experience. We believe the processes in manufacturing cross multiple markets but, our team is versed in all aspects of a typical manufacturing environment.

“Remain coachable”: Our clients typically have access to additional best practice’ ideas in the marketplace. We continually learn from them.

“Stay flexible, versatile and nimble”: We need to react and change quickly to our client’s needs. Reacting quickly is part of our culture.

“Do what you say you’re going to do”: We take our commitments to delivery and service personally. We track and measure ourselves against on-time and on-budget products.




“FreedomDev is not only a great group of people to work with, they also do great work! They have done a wonderful job creating the main tool we use to collaborate planning and run operations throughout our global business. FreedomDev has also successfully integrated existing systems to work seamlessly with the operating system as well. FreedomDev has helped our business run more smoothly and profitably.”



Relationships are key and foundational to everything we do and everyone we come in contact with. We know over time our relationship defines our reputation and ultimately this is our footprint in His Kingdom.