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Phil Morse

VP of Sales

Leads new and existing customer engagement at FreedomDev, giving our team the ability to apply our talents and enhance businesses.

Will Herrmann

full stack Developer

Talented full stack software developer, coupled with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, having experience developing powerful apps for Windows and the web, designing multi-tier service-oriented systems.

Courtney VanderHoning

Client Services

Leading our inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Understanding local area business to guide our products and services.

Mason Kuck

full stack Developer

Full stack developer experienced with maintaining user experience for large user-bases. Specializes in the latest Microsoft and industry technologies to best suit customer needs.

Rachel Christoffersen

project manager

Project manager focused on problem solving and quality of service. Uses technical expertise to develop customer driven solutions.

Mustafa Gamal

full stack Developer

Front-end software development for custom software applications that meet customer requirements. Participates in the analysis and composition of development and testing.

Trupti Anturkar

full stack Developer

Specializes and works on Microsoft platforms that allow the design, development, deployment and testing of SDLC phases for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Jeremy Pyne

Full Stack Developer

Diverse programming background and experience supporting a broad range of technologies and business operations. Helps develop features and maintain high quality of products.


Ashot Martirosyan

Data Architect

Over 30 years experience in major SQL platforms and a Microsoft Certified SQL expert. Specializes in database design, development, maintenance, and business intelligence.

Greg Gates

Project manager

Combines his experience supporting large-scale, critical systems with the personalization our small team can afford its clients. Develops and maintains the foundations for our applications.

Sean Killilea


Founder of FreedomDev, leads the team in culture, direction and the next. Real passion for helping clients integrate their systems, automate data and build long term relationships. 

Josip Josipovic

VP of operations /

One of the founding members of FreedomDev, with passion for growing people and solving business problems through technology. Leads the team to consistently surprise and delight our clients.

Zack Weber

Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer, coupled with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, having experience in integrating and maintaining web applications.

Richard Valenziano

Full Stack Developer

Full stack .NET developer with a slight preference towards the front end and providing a good user experience. Mobile development is a recent interest and I have been very impressed by Flutter.

Scott Ensink

Data specialist

Internal software development with SQL, VBA, and Microsoft Office tools. Structure and data integration for useful business applications for a variety of companies.

We are a  relationship first Company available to serve the needs of our local manufacturing neighbors.

Interested in learning more, check out our culture page.