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Solving hard problems with sensible software.

We are a team experienced in manufacturing with a focus on enhancing systems through integration of software for small to mid-sized manufacturers.
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Every business has their own custom App-Suite, a collection of software systems they use to run their operations. FreedomDev will take your existing App-Suite and enhance its organization and effectiveness.

needs analysis

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We evaluate our discussion points and meet to review your personalized app suite solution.

Custom Solution

The original application your team had to have unique to you.

Freedom Tools

Customizable software developed for small to midsized manufactures.


Commercially Available Software

Software purchased from a third party.


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After That, We Implement and Verify

See what our needs analysis finds out about your processes.

Solutions that reduce common pain points

Whether it’s custom, an existing app or commercially available software, we offer manufacturers the solutions they need to perform better.

Project Identification, Creation & Assignment

Benefits of Cascading Project Lists

Benefits of Cascading Project Lists

Dashboards and centralized project lists give transparency to an individual project level. This improves our ability to see trends, identify areas of biggest risk/opporuntiy, and reduce the time required for alignment.

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Capture and Interpret Your Data, Live

Trend Pareto Project Benefits

Trend Pareto Project Benefits

TPP, Trend – Pareto – Project, gives you a blend of seeing legacy progress with a road map to the biggest opportunities, and then validation that projects are in place to move you forward.

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Get Integrated. Get Strategic.

Implement manufacturing tools to match your company’s streamlined potential.


FreedomDev has been instrumental in designing, creating and developing the platform of applications that drive manufacturing at Innotec. Their unique blend of manufacturing knowledge and software development uniquely qualified them to rise to the challenge. Along the way they have also developed an efficient and effective program management approach that drives project clarity and timely completion of objectives. I strongly recommend them for any software creation or integration needs.

Jon Lubbers – COO Innotec

FreedomDev is not only a great group of people to work with, they also do great work! They have done a wonderful job creating the main tool we use to collaborate planning and run operations throughout our global business. FreedomDev has also successfully integrated existing systems to work seamlessly with the operating system. FreedomDev has helped our business run more smoothly and profitably.

Jon DeYoung - Sales and Strategy Leader

The systems that FreedomDev has developed are critical to understanding our business and driving cost reductions. The seamless integration of baseline performance and improvement projects into our financial forecast has significantly improved operational understanding of what is needed to hit our financial targets. The simplicity of navigation and ability to drill down from a consolidated Global level to the part detail level helps all areas of Innotec understand what the cost drivers and profit levers are. FreedomDev tools have definitely helped Innotec run more smoothly and profitably.

Nick deVries - CFO Innotec