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Have you ever been walking through a parking lot and noticed a lot of cars that look the same? Or perhaps you’ve been out for a night on the town and noticed everyone’s wearing a similar outfit? It’s always awesome when you see something that stands out from the crowd. At FreedomDev, we feel the same way and we are determined to be unique. Instead of blending in and watering down, we’re always on a mission to stand out.

In this digital world that’s saturated with influencers and internet sensations, everyone talks about being yourself, but few companies can actually define their unique qualities. Enter FreedomDev, a group that’s worked hard to understand their exact points of differentiation.

First, we specialize in manufacturing. In fact, our company started as the internal software team at an auto supply manufacturer. Collectively, we have over 75 years of experience in the industry.

Secondly, we go on site. When we “go and see” the manufacturing our software supports there is improved project execution, and an increased ability to understand big picture success for clients. If you’re not within a two hour drive of us, we’ll probably recommend someone else.

Lastly, we favor relationships over contracts. In other words, we’re not trying to be a software insurance agent. Call us when you need us – we charge time and materials so that you don’t pay us when you don’t have to.

These are the three distinct qualities that we think make us different. If you’re ready to start thinking outside the box for your solution, pick up the phone and give us call. We are available to serve you. 

To learn more about the culture how we do things at FreedomDev, click here.