The FreedomDev Way:
 our process

Initial Planning

1. Understand Your Need(s)

  • Meet-and-greet
  • Understand your business
  • Prioritize need(s) list
  • Explain how we support you

2. Initial Estimate

  • Define requirements for success
  • General estimate for understanding ROI
  • Approve wireframe
  • Introduce your project manager

3. Build a Wireframe

  • Create a visulization of your application
  • Generate feedback used for finalizing estimates and minimum viable product (MVP)
  • 5-10% of total project costs

4. Make a Go Or No Go Decision 

  • Final review for estimate, timeline, and/or other considerations

5. On Boarding

  • Sign estimate
  • Trade required service documents
  • Network access
  • Set meeting rhythms

Development & Deployment

Development & Deployment

1. Standard Rhythms

Demo / validate progress (weekly/bi-weekly)

Plan for the next iteration (weekly/bi-weekly)

Review overall relationship (semi-annually)

2. Backlog

Manage backlog of features together

Assign priority

Decide on what gets built

Adjust MVP features asneeded

3. Implementation

Software built using Scrum and Agile methodologies

All code is peer reviewed and approved by senior engineer

4. Deployment

Continuous deployment to development/testing environment

Scheduled deployments to live/production environment

All functionality is peer tested before considered complete

5. Technical Support

On going support as needed available through dedicated project manager or

Sensible software

Satisfied Client


Our process leads to great results. Reach out to our team to see how we can move your business forward.