There’s nothing quite like custom-built software. It’s spry, nimble, and downright magical. To illustrate its incredible power, we’d like to introduce you to Jane – a FreedomDev customer who was awoken one night by the Ghost of Software Possibilities. Sit back, relax and follow Jane as she is transported into the future to learn the 10 benefits of FreedomDev custom software.

Benefit 1: Efficiency

The Ghost of Software Possibilities took Jane by the hand and they blasted off into the future, landing right in the middle of Jane’s future office. All around them the business was running smoothly and efficiently. To Jane, it seemed like a miracle! Thanks to FreedomDev’s custom build, they no longer had to alter their process to fit generic software. Jane let out a huge sigh of relief.

Benefit 2: Low-cost Integration

With a snap of his fingers, the Ghost of Software Possibilities transported Jane to the other side of the room. They were standing behind her desk. Jane looked at her computer and noticed her budget displayed on the screen. She couldn’t believe what she saw. FreedomDev was able to integrate their custom software into her existing setup, making her company budget look great. How impressive!

Benefit 3: Increased Profitability

Her guide motioned for her to scroll through her budgeting spreadsheet, and as she did, Jane realized that her company was actually making money off of their custom software. After licensing the capabilities to other companies, the build practically paid for itself. Jane could hardly believe it!

Benefit 4: Scalability

Then, the ghost led Jane into the warehouse for yet another surprise. The entire space had been renovated to accommodate more inventory and more employees. The ghost explained that even throughout all of the massive changes at the company, the custom software was able to grow and scale with the business.

Benefit 5: Increased CX

Jane turned to the mysterious software spirit and asked how the business was able to expand. He told her that the custom software she bought through FreedomDev was much easier for her customers to understand. When buyers have a good Customer Experience (CX), they are more likely to use, and return to, your platform. Jane nodded, as she began to understand the power of custom-built software.

Benefit 6: Independence

The Ghost of Software Possibilities glided down the hallway, and Jane walked alongside, trying to keep up. She asked him how all of this could happen so smoothly at such a low cost. He explained that owning your own custom software is like owning a house instead of renting one. There’s no need to deal with a landlord and no need to worry about price hikes. Upon hearing this, Jane became more and more convinced that it was the right direction for her.

Benefit 7: Customized Security

But then Jane began to worry. What if her custom software was hacked like her off-the-shelf software was? It was full of bugs and glitches now. Sensing her fear, the ghost explained that with custom software you are able to customize the level of security needed to minimize threats, and there was no need to fear.

Benefit 8: Integrating Existing Authentication Platforms

Jane felt relieved, but wondered if it was too good to be true, so she tried to stump him. She asked how difficult it was to integrate her existing authentication platforms. The Ghost of Software Possibilities assured her that FreedomDev was able to build software to give her access at all levels of the company without worrying about memorizing passwords.

Benefit 9: Custom Software Design

Then, the ghost led Jane back to one of her staff member’s desks. Jane saw the staffer working with the new software, and was pleasantly surprised. FreedomDev was able to keep her software’s design on-brand throughout the experience!

Benefit 10: Cut Down Cost for Excess Features

Looking further, she realized that a lot of the unused features from her old software system were gone. Now Jane was able to focus on the work she needed to get done without any unnecessary clutter getting in the way.

After all of this, Jane and Ghost of Software Possibilities took off in a whirlwind and found themselves back home in the present. She thanked him for taking her on a journey to imagine her company’s future with custom software. After he left, she went back to bed and slept soundly knowing that she had made the right software choice for her business thanks to FreedomDev.

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