Believe it or not, choosing the right software for your business can be an adventure. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tech for your company. It’s a unique decision that depends on your unique situation. So, embark with FreedomDev on a programming journey in this (choose your own) adventure to help you make a decision. Like any journey, you’ll learn a lot and have some fun along the way. Let’s begin.

Decision #1: The Budgeting Forest

You’re sitting at your desk on a Wednesday afternoon, and you’ve begun to think about getting new manufacturing software for your company. It’s been on your mind lately, but such a big decision takes time and careful thought. As with most business decisions, you need to keep costs in mind. With off-the-shelf software systems, the cost is lower, but it may not provide everything your company needs, which could lower efficiency. Custom-built software offers you better efficiency for your business but at a higher cost. So, now we’ve come to your first decision.

Q: Is custom-built software something you’re willing to pay for?

YES. Your journey continues on. Please continue to Decision 2.

NO. You’ve almost reached your destination! Please continue to Destination 2.

Decision #2: The Isle of Self Reflection

After looking over your budget you’ve decided that you’re willing to pay a higher price for software created uniquely for your company. However, just because you’re willing to pay extra on a custom system might not mean you need to. There’s still plenty of consideration to be made. These questions will help you determine if a custom build is necessary for your business.

Q: Would it be troubling to alter the current process to fit a generically built system? Will it ultimately cost me more to adapt to a generically built system? Or Is there anything in the current process that gives this company a competitive edge?

YES. You’ve almost reached your destination! Please continue to Destination 1.

NO. Your journey continues! Move on to the next question.

Q: Will there be a need to be flexible in the future with your growing and changing industry?

YES. You’ve almost reached your destination! Please continue to Destination 1.

NO. You’ve almost reached your destination! Please continue to Destination 2.

Destination #1: A Custom Build

Congratulations! You’ve reached your destination. For you, all signs point to custom-built software for your business. Now you need a team of tech-wizards to help you build your software. FreedomDev is here to help, click here to start your software development journey today.

Destination #2: A Brilliant Buy

Congratulations! You’ve reached your destination. After taking this journey to find the perfect software, you’ve realized that your solution may already exist. Contact FreedomDev to learn about integrating a commercially available tool into your current system.

Thank you for taking this adventure with us. Remember…

When choosing software for your company, the smartest thing to do is gather more information. The best way to do this is to talk with experts in the field like our team at FreedomDev. Our honest and straightforward wisdom is always within reach.

The best part about choosing your own software adventure with the help of our team is that no matter which path you take, you can be certain you’ll live happily ever after.