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You may have heard of the famous FIFA World Cup. You know, the prestigious soccer tournament that gathers 32 nations around the world every four years to declare an ultimate champion? If you do not know, it is kind of like March Madness meets the Olympics. The World Cup is special because it brings together the best of the best from each country – essentially, it is a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Communities gather together in stadiums, restaurants, and homes to cheer on their team. They dress up, they paint their faces, businesses close, and entire countries take a day to hold their breath and pray their team wins. Long story short: the World Cup brings people together.

Bringing People Together

This inspired our team at FreedomDev team to put together a World Cup of our own. Only, we did not want to wait four years to enjoy it – and we were not too invested in the athletics either. To us, the most important thing about the World Cup is that it brings people together from all over the world.

So, here is how it works: each year FreedomDev picks charities from across the globe and sets money aside to donate to them. These charities can be anywhere from Gunter, India to Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is not a place on the planet excluded from the FreedomDev World Cup.

Like the FIFA World Cup, the FreedomDev World Cup does not happen in a day but is stretched out over a longer period. All year long, our FreedomDev team members raise money for their World Cup charities. In our team meetings each month, we dedicate time to celebrating the money donated and the progress that FreedomDev and our employees have made throughout the year. We hold the World Cup each year because helping others around the world brings us together and connects us all. Giving is in our DNA.

As the years go on, FreedomDev will continue to steward their finances with others in mind. While in the FIFA World Cup, there will only be one winner, FreedomDev works to ensure that our World Cup and our software are a win for everyone.

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