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When you work with FreedomDev, you can expect a lot of things. Doing things the “normal way” is not one of them. We intentionally think through everything we do: Is this the most efficient way for our client to run their business? Is there a better way we can relate as a team? Is this the best way we can use our gifts and talents?

We have no problem rethinking what society tells us to value. So, even in a world that’s urging us to do nothing but take, FreedomDev seeks to give as much of our resources as possible.

We live by the words, “I have to give this thing back and give it back better than I found it.” That thing is everything we’ve been blessed with. Our time, finances, skills, and knowledge. We believe in sharing all of our blessings. This idea is jarring to some people, they ask us, “If you’re constantly giving all of these things away, how will you grow?” Our answer is this: to us, there is growth in giving. When we extend our blessings out into the world, we see our communities grow stronger, more fruitful, and more connected. We can’t put a price on that.

In the backwards economy of FreedomDev, we don’t just worry about improving our company, but about improving our community and we want our culture to reflect that. Instead of playing company-wide softball, we host what we call the FreedomDev World Cup, a series of games and competitions to spark a desire to give back. Instead of hosting cocktail parties, we regularly gather to share our “giving stories.” This is a time for all of us to get together and nerd out about all of the great things our colleagues have been able to do for others. In these meetings, we don’t talk about amounts or how great we are, but instead, we take the time to boost each other up and inspire one another to continue giving back to our community. We share. We encourage. We celebrate.

At FreedomDev, we refuse to be normal. This sometimes earns us funny looks from others, but we don’t mind. We keep our heads up and stick to the path of helping others over helping ourselves. After all, our communities are our home, so we are proud to take care of them.

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