Does your ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) struggle to communicate with your client’s ERP system? Are there days you just want to give up and start over? If this is you, you’re not alone. Business software relationships are a big commitment and take a lot of hard work, but they don’t have to. FreedomDev is here to help. As with most relationships, the key to success is healthy communication. Let FreedomDev supply you with the missing link. We help local companies get back on steady ground in their rocky relationships with their software, and we can help you too.

Updating your ERP

The idea of buying a completely new ERP system may be tempting, but it could eventually leave you high and dry. 30% of new ERPs fail and 30% go over budget. Do you want to leave your existing ERP for those odds? When buying a new ERP system, many businesses don’t think about any unexpected costs. This makes their return on investment much lower and slower. Sometimes all you need is an ERP makeover to add the spark back into your business/client software relationship. By giving your software a makeover, you’ll spend less money and increase efficiency. Most businesses are able to see a return on investment after one year of investing – compare that to roughly two years when you buy a completely new system. Relationships should be a win/win for everyone. That’s where FreedomDev comes in.

FreedomDev Can Help

If you already have a system you love, just let us know about the weak points in your system that cause you frustration and we’ll focus on those. This approach saves you the stress of putting yourself back on the market for a new ERP and extends the life of your current system.

If you’re thinking about walking away from your old ERP system because of bad communication, there’s hope ahead. Contact FreedomDev today. We’ll help you get your software back on track.