Solving hard problems
with sensible software.

Improve Your Software

One of the primary ways that FreedomDev can work with manufacturers improve their app suite is by using our Freedom Tools – a set of customizable apps. Everything needed for running a small to midsized manufacturing business. Smaller manufacturers can turn on apps one at a time as needed. Mid-size and larger manufacturers integrate apps alongside other required systems creating an alternative to starting over with large ERP implementation.

You have software that is main stay, but not well connected to other systems for data analysis. You’ll want to add software that is commonplace in the industry, but that will not integrate to existing software packages. We help make organization and integration happen to maximize the benefit your investments and achieve.

Build New Software

Custom software creation can be key for your competitive advantage. We want you to have the Freedom to make the tools you need. Below is the process we follow for when a custom solution is the “ONE”, a list of areas we see trending for custom solutions, and two articles that can help you think through custom vs commercially available software.


Complete the Needs Analysis or contact us to start solving your software challenges.