Solving hard problems
with sensible software

Improve Your Software

One of the primary ways that FreedomDev can work with manufacturers improve their app suite is by using our Freedom Tools – a set of customizable apps. Everything needed for running a small to midsized manufacturing business. Smaller manufacturers can turn on apps one at a time as needed. Mid-size and larger manufacturers integrate apps alongside other required systems creating an alternative to starting over with large ERP implementation.

You have software that is main stay, but not well connected to other systems for data analysis. You’ll want to add software that is commonplace in the industry, but that will not integrate to existing software packages. We help make organization and integration happen to maximize the benefit your investments achieve.

Build New Software

Custom software creation can be key for your competitive advantage. If you are struggling to find an existing system that matches your unique set of needs, custom software is a great option for you. Our custom solutions are developed to solve your challenges. We want you to have the Freedom to create the tools you need.

Jane Sees The Future

There’s nothing quite like custom-built software. It’s spry, nimble, and downright magical. To illustrate its incredible power, we’d like to introduce you to Jane – a FreedomDev customer who was awoken one night by the Ghost of Software Possibilities. Sit back, relax...

A KPI That Gets You Where You Need to Go

An ERP is the vehicle that helps run your business, but every vehicle needs a dashboard to tell you when things go wrong. You need engine lights to inform you about what’s going on under the hood. That’s what FreedomDev’s custom KPIs do. They give information about...

Innotec is Hopeless – And That’s a Compliment

Our friends and clients at Innotec in Zeeland, MI manufacture car parts among many other things. They used to be a company full of hope and hopeful people. Then FreedomDev and Innotec partnered to take hope away, and we did it for a good reason. This may sound harsh...

An ERP Makeover

Does your ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) struggle to communicate with your client’s ERP system? Are there days you just want to give up and start over? If this is you, you’re not alone. Business software relationships are a big commitment and take a lot of...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Building vs. Buying

Believe it or not, choosing the right software for your business can be an adventure. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tech for your company. It’s a unique decision that depends on your unique situation. So, embark with FreedomDev on a programming...

Benefits of Cascading Project Lists

Dashboards and centralized project lists give transparency to an individual project level. This improves our ability to see trends, identify areas of biggest risk/opporuntiy, and reduce the time required for alignment.

Trend Pareto Project Benefits

TPP, Trend – Pareto – Project, gives you a blend of seeing legacy progress with a road map to the biggest opportunities, and then validation that projects are in place to move you forward.