An ERP is the vehicle that helps run your business, but every vehicle needs a dashboard to tell you when things go wrong. You need engine lights to inform you about what’s going on under the hood. That’s what FreedomDev’s custom KPIs do. They give information about how efficiently things are working within your company.

However, like cars, not all KPI systems are equal. Some have small engine lights that turn on, but don’t really tell you anything about the problem. You could be left wondering what exactly is going wrong in the engine. Others, however, may have screens and hi-tech displays that work seamlessly. With that analogy in mind, FreedomDev’s KPIs are like the Tesla of visual plant systems. Instead of popping the hood and attempting to troubleshoot an unknown problem, FreedomDev’s software alerts floor supervisors of a problem in real-time with pinpoint accuracy.

Here’s how it could work for RM Co.™ (Random Manufacturing Company):

Courtney is one of RM Company’s finest workers. She assembles her widgets in record time and leaves her floor supervisor stunned at the quality and speed of her work. The supervisor can check each employee’s work rate at a station level and compare it with the average for all floor employees. One day, Courtney’s supervisor gets an alert on his phone saying Courtney’s PPM rate is dropping rapidly, this isn’t normal, so he checks in on her station to investigate the drop in efficiency. As it turns out, the machine Courtney uses to assemble her widgets is malfunctioning. She explains the problem, and the floor supervisor decides to call an engineer to fix the problem and help Courtney return to her optimal level of productivity.

The “Vehicle” 

Instead of looking through rudimentary reports at the end of each day and noticing a lag in manufacturing, the floor supervisor’s KPI/dashboard system alerted him of the problem in real-time with a detailed report of where the issue was within the plant. This helpful alert ensured they were able to fix the problem and get the “vehicle” moving again. Without FreedomDev’s dashboard, the floor supervisor could have found himself popping the hood and scratching his head, wondering where the problem lay.

The best part is that this real-time reporting system isn’t only for the manufacturing side of the company. Thanks to FreedomDev’s innovative custom software, these alert systems can be put in place for the marketing department’s sales goals, or the quality team’s report cards. The KPI tool is meant for achieving success in every part of the company.

Successful Employees Make Successful Companies

Just like a great car, the right KPI system will help take your business where you want it to go. FreedomDev is focused on making people like Courtney succeed. After all, successful employees make successful companies.

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