Our friends and clients at Innotec in Zeeland, MI manufacture car parts among many other things. They used to be a company full of hope and hopeful people. Then FreedomDev and Innotec partnered to take hope away, and we did it for a good reason. This may sound harsh but let us explain. You see, hope is a great thing for kids on Christmas morning and people watching their favorite team play in the Superbowl, but when it comes to business, we don’t want hope, we want to know.

We take hope out of the equation with one simple truth: the more information you have, the less hope you need. FreedomDev helped Innotec achieve this truth by developing a detailed financial forecasting system named Financials Of Excellence (F.O.X.) combined with a comprehensive Project Tool.  The Project Tool tracks opportunities, threats and/or events and directly updates F.O.X. in real time so Innotec always knows the impacts on their business. Once a Project is entered in the Project Tool, Innotec employees establish financial impacts, update the status on how things are going, set a “definition of done” (to avoid any misunderstandings), and provide expected completion dates all in the elements of the Tool. By using the information in the Project Tool, leaders can prioritize projects based on size, price, and time. It takes the guesswork out of setting goals and prioritizing when you can see the direct impact on company financials.

Innotec is a global company that operates in multiple countries. Having F.O.X. and the Project Tool utilized worldwide enables Innotec employees to update each other more easily and make sure everyone is staying on track. That’s not always easy to do while working in different time zones and cultures.

As Innotec has learned, hope is a great thing to have, but not when it comes to business. In business, you want to be sure. F.O.X. provides Innotec the confidence they need in their business software. Innotec is now able to communicate and set goals as a team with detailed clarity. If you think your business has too much hope, FreedomDev would be happy to partner with you to develop software that will help you find your Truth.

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