Speed to identify, align, and execute projects sets competitive companies apart. One of the best practices we work to build into solutions for our clients leverages creation of cascading project lists.

Upfront apps are designed to promote on the spot project identification, creation and assignment. Avoid writing it down to disposition later. Do not assume that a team member will get the project info where it needs to go in a few days.

Certain information is best when fresh. Time can lead to missing the initial intent OR cause the project to be lost altogether.

With one or more applications feeding projects realtime into collaborative tools there is an improved ability to see trends, identify areas of biggest opportunity, and reduce the time required for alignment. All of these promote projects completed in less time, and increase project throughput.

Quality Audit Example – As Quality Managers perform field audits, apps capture projects realtime cascading them into collaborative locations including Dashboards used for leadership review.